Email Sequences

Get more replies from your prospects sending automated follow-up emails

Follow up Feature - InboxPro

Go from cold email outreach to onboarded and happy customers

Fully automated

Stop pursuing your prospects manually and create fully automated follow-up email sequences to save time instead.

Better engagement

Send high-value content email sequences to convert better, delight your customers and reduce your churn rate.

Faster onboarding

Automate to make your onboarding process easier and free yourself and your team from sending emails for every step.

See how InboxPro's follow-up sequences works...

InboxPro - Followup Sequences feature

Create a sequence from the dashboard

InboxPro - Followup Sequences

Activate the sequence in Gmail

Your high-performance cold email

Set-up in 2 minutes

Set up the conditions for InboxPro's to send every email of the sequence and then activate it from Gmail in one click.

Deliver your message

InboxPro's built-in Gmail sequences ensure that your emails land in the inbox and not the spam or promotions folders.

Get more replies

Monitor and analyze the performance of every sequence you send, make A/B tests and adjust to increase your open rate.

Total control, no risk

Never risk your cold email outreach. Set the conditions and play or stop a sequence depending on the responses you get.

Save time with templates

Use templates to compose your email sequences faster or convert a high-performance email to one to boost your productivity.

Share with your team

Share sequences with your team that have been previously tested by you so they can close more deals leveraging this knowledge.

Follow-ups that engage and convert

Full automation

Multiple triggers and conditions

Status and progress monitoring

Play and stop control

Template options

Team sharing options

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