Email Tracking

Hit send and get to know who open and read your emails

InboxPro - Tracking feature

Stop being blinded after sending an email

Get real-time insights

Real-time notifications let you know how your recipients interact with your emails, so you can make faster and better decisions.

Know when to follow-up

Don't botch a sales deal anymore. Monitor when an email is opened or read and send the perfect email at the exactly right time.

Optimize your sales process

Concentrate on the leads that are interested in your proposals and keep nurturing the ones that you need to warm-up.

See how InboxPro's Email tracking tool works...

InboxPro - Email Tracking feature

Open the compose window and activate it

InboxPro - Email Tracking feature

Be notified right away

Eliminate guesswork and enhance your sales efforts

Set up in one click

With InboxPro's email tracking feature you can track every email you send in one click once you install the Chrome extension.

Secure your data

InboxPro follows industry-standard privacy policies, so your data always remains safe and is never shared with third parties.

Make better decisions

Didn't get a reply? Use email tracking to decide whether to send a follow-up, keep waiting for a reply or even make a call to move on.

Test email responses

Track email opens and link clicks and adjust your strategy based on the data you collect to increase the open rate or to engage better.

Feel the heat coming

Use the hot conversation notifications to know if an email is getting read many times, so you can measure the real interest of your emails.

Re-engage to close a deal

Take advantage of the revival notifications to never miss a deal again when it seems that a lead is ready to move on in the sales process.

Email tracking, the easy way

Real-time notifications

Link click tracking

Open notifications

Not opened reminders

Revival notifications

Hot conversation notifications

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