Email Checker

Check your email

Easily check if an email address exists.

What is Email Checker tool?

Email Checker is a user-friendly, free tool designed to validate email addresses swiftly and efficiently. To get started, simply input the email address you want to verify and click the check button. Email Checker will inform you if the email is legitimate or not. Occasionally, it may return an 'unknown' result due to restrictions or limitations set by certain email providers.

How Email Checker tool works?

      1. Assessing Email Address Format: Email Checker begins by ensuring the email address adheres to the proper format.

      2. Validating Domain Names: The tool verifies the domain name's validity and checks if it's a disposable email address.

      3. Extracting MX Records: In the final step, Email Checker obtains the MX records from the domain and connects to the email server via SMTP. It simulates sending a message to confirm the existence of the user's mailbox. Note that some email servers may not cooperate, leading to less accurate results in certain cases.