Email Analytics

Track your email activity to gain valuable insights and peak productivity

InboxPro - Email Analytics feature

Supercharge your email strategy with data and make success predictable

Measure to improve performance

Monitor your email activity through the InboxPro's Analytics dashboard to have the full picture, then adjust and measure again.

Prioritize tasks and boost productivity

Analyze the KPIs (messages sent, busiest hours, etc.) and focus on the tasks that will have the greatest impact on your email success.

Identify sales opportunities

Find the emails that have more interactions and try to push sales or even apply the same strategy to other campaigns to drive more sales.

See how InboxPro's Email Analytics works...

InboxPro - Email Analytics feature

Go to the dashboard

InboxPro - Email Analytics feature

Use filters to set a time range

Elevate the game making your inbox a strategic asset for your business

No setup needed

Once you have installed InboxPro's Chrome Extension all the data will be automatically collected and shown in the dashboard.

Zero learning curve

InboxPro's Analytics is user-friendly and requires no learning curve, as the data is presented in a clear and easy-to-analyze manner.

Reporting made easy

Whether you need to report your most productive hours or how many emails you have answered you are one click away.

Cross-data comparison

Export the email data to a CSV file to easily compare it with other business or marketing KPIs that you need to analyze.

Privacy guaranteed

All your data is kept strictly confidential and protected under industry-standard privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Never lose data

All InboxPro applications run in an industry-leading Amazon Web Server (AWS) which assures that the data always remains safe.

Successful businesses rely on data, not on suppositions

Real-time analytics

Data filtering

Charts visualization

CSV file export

Team sharing options

Gmail integrated

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