Magic Compose & Summarize

Leverage the power of AI to write and read emails x5 faster. Like Magic!

InboxPro Extension

Magic Compose is your AI partner to write emails in seconds, not minutes

Powered by GPT-3

Magic Compose uses GPT-3 technology to generate texts depending on the keywords you enter in the subject and first lines of your email.

Taylor-made original content

AI itself produces original content that is not found anywhere else on the Internet and there are no previously pre-filled templates.

Full time partner and assistant

Use AI output texts as a definitive email or as a starting point to generate new ideas and then give them a personal touch.

See how Magic Compose works...

InboxPro - Magic Compose feature

Click Magic compose button

InboxPro - Magic Compose feature

Write the subject and a few words

InboxPro - Magic Compose feature

AI generates an output text

Summarize: read emails in no time without losing any important information

Right to the point

Shorten long-form emails like newsletters, meeting recaps, sales proposals, etc., with the help of AI, so you can understand the information quickly.

Make TLDR emails digestible

InboxPro's Summarize uses the power of AI to extract the important ideas of every email without losing any important information that must be read.

See how Summarize work...

InboxPro - Summarize feature

Click summarize button

InboxPro - Summarize feature

AI summarizes the email

Extreme email productivity with AI

Reach Inbox Zero

Save time writing and reading emails and bring your inbox to zero at the end of the day.

AI even for Free Plans

The only email tool that gives you the power of AI even for Free Plan subscriptions.

Try it 'til you make it

Don't like a particular AI output text? Click the Magic Compose button and try again.

Equal to human-made texts

The recipient never knows if the email is written by an AI, a human or both!

Inspiration when needed

Generate new ideas when you are less inspired and have to face the blank page.

Secure technology

GPT-3 by OpenAI ensures that machine learning models are used responsibly.

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